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Choden Zangmo was the Drigung Khandro during the first half of the twentieth century, based at Terdrom Nunnary above Drigung Monastery.

Lo Nyendrak Sadutshang

b.early 20th cent. - d.1980?

Lo Nyendrak Sadutshang, from the prominent Sadutsang trading family from Kham, became one of the top leaders of the Chushi Gangdruk and a member of the Assembly of Tibetan People's Deputies in India. 

Wangchuk Dorje Sadutshang

b.early 20th cent. - d.mid 20th cent.

Wangchuk Dorje, a monk at Sera Je, was a member of the rich Sadutshang trading family from Kandze.

Machik Kunga Bum

b.mid 13th cent. - d.early 14th cent.
TBRC P5910

Machik Kunga Bum was a female treasure revealer active in the mid thirteenth to early fourteenth century. She was a consort to the treasury revealer Dungtso Repa.

Konchok Damcho Gyatso

b.1824 - d.late 19th cent.
TBRC P3961

Konchok Damcho Gyatso was born into the royal family of Chone, a semi-independent kingdom in Amdo. His brother, Rinchen Tendzin Trinle Dorje inherited the sakyong position, while he became a monk and served at the abbacy of Chone Gonchen.