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mid 17th cent.

Lupel was the seventh king of Derge, and the head of the royal family in its thirty-seventh generation. Real power was held by his brother, Jampa Puntsok, who expanded both the royal monastery and the kingdom's territory.

Lachen Chemchok was second abbot of the Derge royal monastery, Lhundrubteng.

Orgyen Tashi

mid 17th cent.

Orgyen Tashi was the eighth king of Derge and the leader of the royal family in its thirty-eighth generation.

Ponchen Konchok Lhuntub was the sixth king of Derge, counting from the establishment of the capital city and the foundations of the royal monastery. He was the thirty-sixth generation of the Derge royal family in the fifteenth century, according to the genealogy of the family.

Jampa Puntsok

late 16th cent.

Jampa Puntsok is credited with establishing the royal monastery, Lhundrubteng, also known as Derge Gonchen. A son of Lhuntub, the sixth king of Derge, and a brother of the Lupel, the nominal king of Derge during his generation, he greatly expanded the Derge's territory in part through an alliance with Gushri Khan, the Mongol ruler who invaded Tibet in the mid-seventeenth century. Despite his role in constructing Lhundrubteng, he is not numbered as the first abbot; the honor instead goes to his nephew Kunga Phuntsok. He is credited with establishing Pelyul Monastery, assigning Rigdzin Kunzang Sherab to serve as its first throne holder.