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Lodro Gyeltsen was the twenty-first Sakya Tridzin, the throne holder of Sakya Monastery. He was elevated to the position in 1473 and held it until his death in 1495.

Ngawang Kunga Lodro served as the Thirty-first Sakya Tridzin from 1741 to his death in 1783. He was the son of the Thirtieth Sakya Tridzin, Ngawang Sonam Rinchen, and the grandfather of the Thirty-third Sakya Tridzin, Wangdu Nyingpo.

Ngawang Kunga Wanggyel served as the Twenty-sixth Sakya Tridzin, the throne holder of Sakya Monastery, from 1618 until his death in 1620.

Ngawang Sonam Rinchen was the Thirtieth Sakya Tridzin, serving from 1711 to 1741. He was the son of the Twenty-ninth Sakya Tridzin, Ngawang Kunga Tashi, and the father of the Thirty-first Sakya Tridzin, Ngawang Kunga Lodro.

Ngawang Kunga Tashi was the Twenty-ninth Sakya Tridzin, serving from 1685 to 1711.