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Tsering Pelbar

b.late 18th cent. - d.mid 19th cent.

Tsering Pelbar was the tenth head of the prominent Lhagyari family of Eyul. He produced two sets of Kangyur and Tengyur written in gold.


Dechen Trinle Rolpa

b.mid 18th cent. - d.mid 19th cent.

Dechen Trinle Rolpa, the eleventh head of the Lhagyari family, a prominent family of Lhokha, lived during the eighteenth or nineteenth century.

Dongak Tendzin, posthumously known as the First Gyatrul Rinpoche, served as the seventh throne holder of Pelyul Monastery, from 1851 until 1882, and as the second throne holder of Dartang Monastery, from 1850, and built possibly the first buildings in that community, in 1882. He was considered a reincarnation of Pelyul's founder, Kunzang Sherab.

Ponse Khyunggo Tsel was a prolific Bon treasure revealer active in the twelfth century. Included in his revelations was a medical text that was a source for Desi Sanggye Gyatso's medical writings.

The Second Khangnang, Shedrub Gyatso

b.early 20th cent. - d.mid 20th cent.
TBRC P8553

Shedrub Gyatso was a Nyingma master based at Pelyul Monastery and an early abbot of its monastic college. He was posthumously given the title of Second Khangnang.