The Fifth Ganden Tripa, Lodro Chokyong

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The Fifth Ganden Tripa, Lodro Chokyong b.1389 - d.1463

Name Variants: Drongtse Lodro Chokyong; Ganden Trichen 05 Lodro Chokyong; Ganden Tripa 05 Lodro Chokyong; Muli Khyabgon 01 Lodro Chokyong; Tripa 05 Lodro Chokyong; Yade Lodro Chokyong

The Fifth Gaden Tripa, Trichen Lodro Chokyong (dga' ldan khri pa 05, khri chen blo gros chos skyong) was born in 1389 in the earth-snake year of the seventh sexagenary cycle in Yakde, Tsang (gtsang gyag sde). He was brought to Cholung Tsokpa (chos lung tshogs pa) at the young age and given the vows of primary ordination of monk (rab byung).

Lodro Chokyong then became a disciple of a number of prominent lamas including Tsongkhapa Lobzang Drakpa (tsong kha pa blo bzang grags pa, 1357-1419) and his two principle disciples, Gyeltsabje Darma Rinchen (rgyal tshab rje dar ma rin chen, 1364-1432) and Kherubje Gelek Pelzang (mkhas grub rje dge legs dpal bzang, 1385-1438), receiving from them teachings on both sutra and tantra. Lodro Chokyong became a great scholar, particularly in the field of Kālacakra, on which he composed a Comprehensive Commentary on Kālacakra (dus 'khor TIk chen).

Lodro Chokyong was enthroned to seat of Ganden as the Fifth Ganden Tripa in 1450 at the age of sixty-two, serving for thirteen years, until 1463. During his tenure he mainly gave teachings and performed religious activities, and also built a new shrine.

Among the main of disciples of Trichen Lodro Chokyong were Tsangchung Chodrak (gtsang chung chos grags, d.u.); Paṇchen Zangpo Tashi (paN chen bzang po bkra shis, 1410-1478/79), the second throne-holder of Tashilhunpo; the First Pakpa Lha, Pakpa Dechen Dorje ('phags pa lha 01 'phags pa bde chen rdo rje, 1439-1487); and Norzang Gyatso (nor bzang rgya mtsho, 1423-1517).

In 1463, the water-sheep year of the eighth sexagenary cycle, at the age of seventy-five, Trichen Lodro Chokyong retired from the Ganden throne, and, on the tenth day of ninth month of the year he passed into nirvana. Some sources record that Lodro Chokyong passed away in 1472 at the age of eighty-four, but this seems to be incorrect.




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Samten Chhosphel
August 2010