Lasum Gyelwa Jangchub

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Lasum Gyelwa Jangchub 8th cent.

Name Variants: Gyelwa Jangchub

Gyelwa Jangchub belonged to the Lasum (la gsum) clan. He was one of the first seven Tibetans to be ordained by Śāntarakṣita. He received teachings and empowerments from Padmasambhava, visited India numerous times, and became a translator of many texts.

It is said that as the result of his practice he could remain poised in the sky in meditation posture.

In addition to being among the first seven ordained Tibetans, he is occasionally listed as a twenty-sixth disciple of Padmasambhava.

Gyelwa Jangchub is best remembered, however, as the author of the biography of Yeshe Tsogyel, in which he appears as an occasional student of Padmasambhava and Yeshe Tsogyel herself. In the eighth chapter Yeshe Tsogyel prophesized that Gyelwai Jangchub would attain the rainbow body, and went on to identify him as the reincarnation of her consort Arya Sale. In the colophon of the text Gyelwa Jangchub shares author credit with Namkhai Nyingpo (nam mkha'i snying po, 8th c.); the text was revealed by Taksham Nuden Dorje (stag sham nus ldan rdo rje, b.1655).




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