Gyelwa Choyang

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Gyelwa Choyang b.750?

Name Variants: Nganlam Gyelwa Choyang

Gyelwa Choyang (rgyal ba mchog dbyangs) was born into the clan of Ngenlam (ngan lam) in Uru Penyul Valley (dbu ru 'phan yul), north of Lhasa. He was part of the first group of seven Tibetans to receive full ordination from  Śāntarakṣita and was renowned for his discipline.

When he received the empowerment of the Eight Great Classes from Padmasambhava, his flower landed on the maṇḍala of Hayagrīva, the speech embodiment of all buddhas. Perfecting the practice of Hayagrīva, he was able to display the horse-head deity from the top of his head, at which point the neighing of horses would be heard. It is also said that he was able to transmute his body into a raging fire.

Gyelwa Choyang mastered the practice of long life and conquered death. During the time of Ngadak Pelkhor Tsan (mnga' bdag dpal 'khor btsan), the grandson of Tri Songdetsen (khri srong lde'u btsan) the translator Maben Jangchub Lodro (rma ban byang chub blo gros) was murdered and became a wrathful spirit who attacked the king. Gyelwai Choyang was able to use a thread cross rite to vanquish the spirit and cure the king. He later concealed the liturgy for the thread cross at Samye Karchu (bsam yes mkhar chu). It was revealed by Kampa Darberchen (kham pa dar ber can).

Gyelwa Choyang’s reincarnations are said to include the Second Karmapa, Karma Pakshi (karma pa 02 karma pakshi, 1204-1283) Longchen Rabjam (klong chen rab 'byams pa dri med 'od zer, 1308-1364) was his descendent in the twenty-sixth generation.





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Arthur Mandelbaum
August 2007