The Treasury of Lives

The Treasury of Lives is a bibliographical encyclopedia of Tibet, Inner Asia, and the Himalaya. Most biographies are peer reviewed.


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Scholars and practitioners have contributed to the project, providing biographies and lineage information. Individuals are welcome to submit biographies, and can do so through the Submissions page.


Alexander Gardner is the Executive Director of the Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation, and the Director and Chief Editor of the Treasury of Lives. Alex completed his PhD in Buddhist Studies at the University of Michigan in 2007.

Tenzin Dickyi is an Editor at the Treasury of Lives. She is also English Editor of Tibet Web Digest, a project of Columbia University's Modern Tibetan Studies program. She has an MFA from Columbia University where she was a Hertog fellow and a BA from Harvard University.

Catherine Tsuji is an Editor at the Treasury of Lives. She received an MA in Religious Studies from the University of California Santa Barbara where her research interests included contemporary Mongolian religion and Tibetan history.

Editorial Committee Members

The Editorial committee supervises the Treasury's peer review process. Editorial members are also part of the advisory team.

  • Benjamin Bogin (Georgetown University)
  • Jacob Dalton (UC Berkeley)
  • Paul Hackett (Columbia University Institute for Buddhist Studies)
  • Karma Phuntsho
  • Annabella Pitkin (Barnard)
  • Andrew Quintman (Yale University)
  • Michael Sheehy (Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center)
  • Gray Tuttle (Columbia University)
  • Nicole Willock (Indiana / University of Denver)

Advisory Committee Members

The Advisory Committee helps guide the Treasury's development and recommends improvements. They serve as ambassadors to the site, helping to promote its use and encourage participation among colleagues and students.

  • José Cabezón (UC Santa Barbara)
  • Brandon Dotson (Oxford University)
  • Janet Gyatso (Harvard University)
  • Lauran Hartley (Columbia University Library)
  • Roger Jackson
  • Sarah Jacoby (Northwestern)
  • Klaus Dieter Mathes (University of Hamburg)
  • Elena Pakhutova (Rubin Museum of Art)
  • Jann Ronis (UC Berkeley)
  • Sam van Schaik (British Library)

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