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Tsarong Dundul Namgyal was a fourth rank civil servant of the Tibetan government in Lhasa and an official of the Drapchi Mint who also served the Central Tibetan Administration in exile in India. He wrote a biography of his father, the famous modernizing general Tsarong Dasang Damdul. Tsarong Dundul Namgyal was one of Tibet's first and most important photographers and he published a book of his photographs of Tibet, What Tibet Was: As Seen by a Native Photographer, in 1990.

Tsarong Wangchuk Gyelpo was a General of U and a Minister of the Kashag.  In 1908 he signed the Trade Agreement between Great Britain, China and Tibet in Calcutta. He was executed in 1912 for collaborating with Chinese forces during the 1910-1912 occupation of Lhasa.

Orgyen Dongak Chokyi Nyima, the Third Karma Kuchen, served as the third throne holder of Dartang Monastery and also the eighth throne holder of Pelyul Monastery.