The Treasury of Lives - Biographies of Himalayan Buddhist Masters

The Second Pema Vajra, Demchok Dorje

The Second Pema Vajra, Demchok Dorje (Sep. 22)

Khenpo Demchok Dorje, recognized as the reincarnation of Khenpo Pema Vajra by the Fifth Dzogchen, was enthroned at Dzogchen Monastery at the same time as the Dzogchen incarnation of Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo, Guru Tsewang. He studied with the Fifth Dzogchen, Ju Mipam, Khenpo Zhenpen Nangwa and others, and played an important role in the running of Dzogchen Monastery as its tenth abbot, following the Fifth Dzogchen's death in 1935. He was murdered in 1940.

Tubten Tsondru

Tubten Tsondru (Sep. 22)

Khenpo Tubten Tsondru Puntsok was born in Golok and studied at Dzogchen and Zhechen monasteries, as well as with a geshe from Sera Je. He fled Tibet in 1959, and then taught extensively in Bhutan, Sikkim and India, playing a crucial role in the re-establishment of Nyingma scholasticism, especially during his tenure at the government monastic college in Sikkim and as the first abbot of Namdroling monastic college in Bylakuppe, India.

The Second Pelyul Choktrul, Jampel Gyepai Dorje

The Second Pelyul Choktrul, Jampel Gyepai Dorje (Sep. 22)

Jampel Gyepai Dorje, the Second Pelyul Choktrul, or Dartang Choktrul as he is also known, was an important lama connected with the Pelyul lineage of the Nyingma tradition. Renowned for his strict observance of the monastic vows and for his statuesque appearance, he was the main teacher of the Third Penor Rinpoche and other senior lamas of the Pelyul tradition. He died in Chinese captivity in 1958 or '59.