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Historical Period

Recent Biographies

Trewo Alu was the first secular ruler of Nangchen, the father to the first Nangchen king Chokyi Gyeltsen. He migrated from Trewo Rabkha in Kandze to upper Kham.

Repa Karpo was the principal disciple of Tishri Repa Sherab Sengge. The Mongolian Prince Godan appointed him religious leader of Nangchen, alongside Trewo Alu, who was appointed secular ruler.

Semarkar was the younger sister of Songtsen Gampo, the famous Pugyel king who unified Tibet in the seventh century. As the Yarlung Pugyel dynasty was expanding its territory, Semarkar made a political marriage with Ligmyihya, the King of Zhangzhung, and went to live in Zhangzhung to rule with her husband. When the marriage failed, Songtsen invaded and conquered Zhangzhung.