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Tsarong Pelden Gyeltsen was an important master in the transmission of Tibetan medical science. He founded Menlung Trengbachen, a teaching institution for medicine. He composed a number of works on medicine, as well as a biography of Tsoje Zhonnu. He was a primary student of the well-known physician Konchok Pendar of the Gongmen and Drangti medical traditions. His teachings became known as the Tsarong Oral Tradition compilation.

Yonten Gyatso was a physician born into a well-known medical family near Sakya. After his brother passed away, his family directed him toward a life of medical studies in order to continue the family lineage. He studied with one of the most important medical practitioners and scholars of his time, Konchok Pendar, and himself had a number of disciples. Among his students Tsarong Pelden Gyeltsen would become an important figure in Tibetan medicine.

Chakpa Chopel was a master in the transmission of Tibetan medical teachings. A primary disciple of Desi Sanggye Gyatso, he also took exams before the Fifth Dalai Lama. He was known for his exceptional memorization skills. He served as abbot of Ngamring Monastery and authored a medical history.