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Go Khukpa Lhetse was one of the most important translators and scholars of the early Tibetan renaissance. A teacher of Khon Konchok Gyeltsen, he went three times to India to study Guhyasamāja.  

Norzang Gyatso was an early master of the Geluk Lamrim teachings. The author of several famous books on diverse topics, including Mahāmudrā and Kālacakra, he was a teacher of the Second Dalai Lama.

Taktsang Lotsāwa Sherab Rinchen was a polymath scholar-monk of the Sakya tradition. Active during a great period of classical scholarship and translation, he was a prolific commentator on a wide range of topics, with special focus on medicine, poetry, Vinaya, and Kālacakra. He is said to have had an encyclopedic knowledge of not only the five topics of monastic study -- Vinaya, Abhidharma, Pramāṇa, Madhyamaka, and Prajñāparamitā -- but also the five major fields of traditional learning -- grammar, art, medicine, logic, and the inner science. However, he is perhaps best known for his critique of Tsongkhapa's interpretation of Madhyamaka in his philosophical treatise, Knowing All Philosophical Systems, which generated centuries of often polemical Geluk-Sakyapa debate.